Protect Your Family Against Unsolicited Calls

From pesky telemarketers to other uninvited callers, you can stop incoming calls, texts, and picture and video messages from up to 5 phone numbers per line for 90 days.
Block Calls & Messages
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A Safer Way to Stay Connected

Feel secure knowing you have the power to stop calls and texts from numbers you don't trust.

Block Telemarketers

We make it easy to stop cold calls, so you can get back to the calls that really matter.

Stop Textual Harassment

Make sure your teen speaks up if they receive any harassing texts or calls, so you can help put a stop to it.

Fight Back Against Cyberbullying

Teach your kids to always be respectful of others when communicating on their mobile devices and online.

Block Numbers For 90 Days

You can manually block numbers again after they expire. Or, get a little extra security with Usage Controls and block up to 20 numbers without expiration.

More Ways to Stay Safe