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Verizon Wireless Exclusive Age-Appropriate Content Ratings

Ages 7+

This material contains little or no violence, no strong language, no drug use, limited alcohol or tobacco use, no modeling content, little or no sexual dialogue and situations and no themes of a mature nature. This content is considered suitable for children age 7 and above and parents can comfortably allow this content to be accessed by children 7 and above unattended.

Ages 13+

This material may contain mild coarse language, moderate violence, mildly suggestive lingerie, drug use depicted without being designed to encourage use, some sexuality or suggestive dialogue or themes that may not be appropriate for younger children. This content would be considered suitable for children 13 and above by most parents. Parents are cautioned against allowing children under 13 to access or view this content unattended.

Ages 17+

This content may contain one or more of the following: crude language, graphic violence, sexual situations, criminal activity, drug abuse, sexual situations without nudity or themes that may not be appropriate for younger youth. Many parents would consider this material unsuitable for children under 17 and parents are strongly cautioned against allowing children under 17 to access or view this content.

Filters Off

Turning off the content filter provides access to all content accessible through your mobile phone, including content that you may consider objectionable due to the ages of your children or your personal desire to avoid certain types of content.

Please note: Some content may require additional authentication and/or age verification prior to access, download, use or purchase.