Spam Controls

Call & Message Blocking
Verizon Wireless brings you a comprehensive solution to get rid of nuisance calls and messages.
  •  Designate Problem Numbers and Stop Harassing  Messages From Those Numbers
Internet Spam Blocking
Keep your phone free of annoying solicitations, unwanted information, and more.
  •  Block up to 15 Internet Spammers
  •  Block spam generating websites

Questions and Answers

How can I block a specific number?
  • Visit Call & Message Blocking and enter a Phone Number you wish to block. You will no longer receive calls, texts, or harassing images from this Phone Number.
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How do I block unwanted text messages?
  • Visit Call & Message Blocking and enter a Phone Number of the individual who is texting you. If the text is originating from an email address or web domain, then visit Internet Spam Blocking and enter the email or domain to be blocked. You will no longer receive texts from the Phone Number, email address, or web domain.
Are there any limits on Call & Message Blocking?
  • Yes, blocking will expire 90 days from the date of your first block. You can reestablish blocking adding back blocking preferences after they expire.
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What is Verizon Wireless doing to prevent spam?
  • Verizon Wireless uses sophisticated anti-spamming software to protect you from spammers. For those few messages that may get through, we offer Internet Spam Blocking.
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