Visual Voice Mail

Visual Voice Mail is an application that lets you access and manage voice mail messages instantly. The application sits on your device and stores all of your voice mail messages.
Visual Voice Mail allows you to:
  • Bypass the automated voice mail system
  • No longer have to listen to voice mail prompts
  • Simply click on the Visual Voice Mail icon to immediately access your messages
  • Save time by seeing who left a message and when
  • Choose the message you need to listen to
  • Listen to messages in any order
  • Delete, respond or even save a copy for future use

Visual Voice Mail saves time and improves your ability to communicate.

Only $2.99/month

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With Visual Voice Mail, you get
  • 40 message storage capacity
  • 5-minute duration for inbound voice messages
  • 40-day retention
  • 20 distribution lists
  • 50 distribution members
  • 1 personalized and 1 extended absence greeting
  • 10 Caller ID-based greetings
  • Pager notification
  • English/Spanish prompts
  • Call Return
  • Fax
  • Personal operator
  • Text return
  • Archive